Aluminum Canopys [KC1818, KC1821, KC1824]


Lightweight strong aluminium checker plate KOOF Australia canopies


KOOF Australia canopies, From $2390.00

Lightweight but super strong canopies perfect for trade and recreation use. Available in sizes to suit Dual cab, Extra Cab and Single cab Utes these canopies are the perfect addition to anyone who wants to maximise the use of there Ute.

Available with jack off legs so you can still use your Ute with all sorts of different size loads and also have the ability to hold your equipment in the canopy. Perfect for camping where you can set up your canopy then jack it off and drive around or perfect for tradies who haul their tools around during the week but want to leave them at home for the weekend.

Available in 3 Sizes

Dual Cab: 1800mmx1770mmx860mm for only $2390 (KC1818)

Extra Cab: 2100mmx1770mmx860mm for only $2520 (KC1821)

Single Cab: 2400mmx1770mmx860mm for only $2700 (KC1824)


* 2.5mm Aluminium Checker Plate
* Suit Duel Cab
* 3 Doors
* Heavy Duty Frame
* Double Gas Struts
* Full Floor
* Dust and Water Proof Doors
* Full Piano Hinges S/S
* T/Locks Keyed Alike
* Free Ladder Racks
* Full Seam Welded


  • Jack off canopy kit $499





    Aluminum Canopys price starts from:

    *Ladder racks included FREE